Her face lit up and she looked right into my eyes, “Honestly?”

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Jack slowly opened his eyes and grumbled as the trepidation clock made its annoying charivari. He fumbled hither on the night stand and finally found the button to turn it off. He slid back the sheets and headed for the shower. Looking down he noticed his morning wood and grinned to himself. “I’m forty and it still works just fine” he deliberating to himself, and looked over at his wife still sleeping. She would truly like it if he woke her up and made love to her but he did not want to fluster her sleep. He continued to shuffle off to the shower and start the morning routines. He once got into the shower, rested his madly under the hot stream of water and just stood there as regards a moment. Slowly, a few images set up into his head and as he is washing his hair; a adorable co-white-collar worker comes forward in his mind. He did not know her popularity, but really liked looking at her ass as she walked through the work.
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Continue reading Her face lit up and she looked right into my eyes, “Honestly?”