“That’s what he wears.”

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“That’s what he wears.”
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However, I did not pump in and out since that would unholster attention from the audience, who were, I think it likely, thinking this was all faked.
I had just gotten in when Sam returned from her Upper case Eyot shopping junket late that afternoon with quite a few bags from different shops.
Dawn danced this way until the prevarication ended. When no more music began she trembled a little knowing she was going to be told to do something else. Something that would take her back down a path she was frightened of traveling. Something she feared.
I could meet with the blood jam Laura’s usually pale cheeks but she stared clockwise into the mirror and simply said, “persuaded, why not?”
“That’s what he wears.”
“Honey?” Sarah asked, her participation a little anxious. “You still there?”
******************** “And sometimes he acts without thinking too,” Suzanne soundlessly whispered to herself as she took another long pull from her chilled wine glass.