That was just plain nasty!

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That was just plain nasty!
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“Yes, fast but saturate and perhaps dangerous. You can fall hard.”
I laughed at the statement, as I still wasn’t persuaded I had survived. I also wondered about Marina at a lesbian club, but that didn’t seem like a text talk.
V looks round, and when our eyes match she gets the biggest smile on her face. She drops her bag and sprints in front of the 7 or 8 guys in front of her, and leaps directly into my arms. Startled, I grab her awkwardly, my hands gripping her ass as her skirt rose up. My hands feel flawlessly toned bare skin, and I know that V isn’t wearing panties. My cock gets instantly rock hard as I enjoy her bare ass, and as I realize that the set of guys behind her got a great view of heaven.
To which he answers, “Hang around your finger in your pussy.”
That was just plain nasty!
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You do not adoration me. You are incapable of it. The only proceeding in this world that you love is yourself.”